Our approach

The human experience of boards and leaders


At the heart of any human performance lies human experience. The way we experience people and the world around us determines how we perform and relate to them. The experience that board members and leaders have with board and leadership realities is a key driver for their behaviour and performance. Our impact is through starting conversations within the board and leaders that build on this human experience and using it to enhance the effectiveness and performance of the board and individual leaders.

Combining the governance and clinical perspective

We look at boardroom and leadership realities by combining the perspective of governance: the distribution of tasks and roles and the powers and responsibilities that come with it, with the clinical perspective: seeking to disclose the unconscious processes and patterns of behaviour, all in the constellation in which the board and leaders operate.

To illustrate, the formal distribution of roles and tasks triggers diverging perceptions and ideas of these roles and tasks of different board members, which to a large extent remain outside their awareness but impact their behaviour. In addition, the human reality of life and behaviour in organisations and in boards necessarily comprises ambition, passion, beliefs, aspirations, fears, sympathies and values that fundamentally influence the success of an organisation or board.

Connecting non-visible and visible realities

Phyleon, with its deep understanding of both the psychological and governance aspects of boards and leadership, is able to combine and connect these non-visible, non-rational and unconscious dimensions with the more visible realities of the governance and leadership environment.

In working with boards and leaders, we apply clinical and theoretical perspectives from psychoanalysis and system theory as well as legal and governance theory, and use integrated conceptual models, language and methodologies to advise them within the context of their own unique constellation. Using this as the foundation, we strive to unleash people in their role as leaders, so they can realise their organisation’s value to society and its various stakeholders.