Our approach


We look at boardroom and leadership realities combining both the perspective of governance, the distribution of tasks and roles, as well the clinical perspective, seeking to uncover unconscious processes. The formal distribution of roles and tasks for example triggers different perceptions and ideas of roles and tasks to be performed that often remain out of awareness and even unconscious. In addition, the human reality of life and behaviour in organisation and teams necessarily comprises ambition, passion, beliefs, aspirations, fears, sympathies and values that fundamentally influence the success of an organisation or team. This human side of board and leadership reality must be an integrated part of the design, structure and operation of the board and leadership teams.


If we want to include the non-visable, non-rational and unconscious dimensions, we need to develop specific language, concepts and methods. Phyleon, with its deep understanding of both the psychological and governance aspects of boards and leadership, is able to combine and connect such a clinical approach with the more visable realities of the governance environment. We apply among others clinical and theoretical perspectives from psychoanalysis and system theory as well as legal and governance theory.