Leadership and Change


Changing an organisation is not just a rational, technological process. A change in work processes, a reorganisation or a merger process stirs up the people involved, at all levels of the organisation.


Phyleon focuses on supporting the leadership of the organisation in change processes. We look at the dynamics among those who form the leadership of the organisation and between the organisation's leadership and the rest of the organisation. Leaders of organisations in change are often affected personally, in their roles, positions, interests and responsibilities, both individually and at team level. The quality they apply to deal with this strongly affects the effectiveness of their approach to others in the changing organisation. We include in our approach the non-visible, non-rational and unconscious dimensions of the reality of organisations.


In a change process Phyleon often takes the role of sounding board for the leadership of the organisation. In addition Phyleon supports the leadership with the implementation of the change process, bringing expertise in the fields of behaviour and effectiveness. Where necessary Phyleon co-operates with experts in the fields of strategy and finance.